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I write magical stories about children and fairies that get them into mischief, my stories have unusual heroes like grans who take you on magical adventures, falling out of trees and generally doing crazy things. I also make computer games.

I live in North Essex with my family and magical horse Murphy. I love visiting schools and libraries and doing events where I get to meet you and show you my books - feel free to contact me.

Please Read on...My NEW title which is out SOON is The Wallowbang Tree...


danielle wrayton author
danielle wrayton illustrator
danielle wrayton author
danielle wrayton author
danielle wrayton illustrator
the brush brigade
rosie sparks the wallowbang tree
danielle wrayton illustrator
the wallowbang tree, children's book
children's illustrator
children's books
children's books 12+
children's illustrator
children's books

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About Me

Hi my name is Danielle and I am a children's writer and illustrator

I started writing poetry when I was six years old and have several published, even one alongside Spike Milligan my hero.

I have written several novels for children and my latest release is The Wallowbang Tree which will be published soon.


the wallowbang tree The Wallowbang Tree

This is my latest novel for children aged 12+ have a look here... New Book

the brush brigade The Brush Brigade

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Children's books

Danielle Wrayton has been writing and illustrating children's books for over twenty years.